Peggy Burgess Massage

Peggy Burgess Massage

Peggy Burgess Massage Peggy Burgess Massage Peggy Burgess Massage

San  Francisco  Massage  Therapist  Peggy  Burgess has  over  30  years  experience.

Relaxing and Effective

Woman receiving shoulder massage in side lying position.

My Methods

  • Orthopedic Massage 
  • Deep Tissue 
  • Ortho Bionomy™
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Neuro Muscular Reprograming
  • Swedish Massage

Benefits of Advanced Massage and Bodywork

Combined  therapeutic techniques can

  • Improve overall well being and function 
  •  Address posture and neuromuscular problems
  • Restore elasticity to tissue, promote circulation
  • Reduce tension and stress


Peggy's been a real lifesaver! I’ve had terrible problems with back pain and overuse syndromes and she’s been a huge factor in getting me back on track. No other massage therapist has been able to give me the same relief from Muscle tension and pain. Eileen E.

Peggy works with a different technique that is affective and relaxing. She definitely knows her profession.P.L.

Peggy  who has thirty years experience knew how to work with me and my many issues.  C.D.

Relaxing and Effective

I have practiced for many years and strive to meet the needs of each client. I’ve helped clients with backache, shoulder and rotator cuff injury, hip and knee dysfunction, headache, insomnia and scoliosis. It is best to call or e-mail me to make and appointment. 415-661-7374 . For e-mail see form at bottom of page.


What is bodywork? 

Bodywork is a term that describes therapeutic and manual techniques that on their own or with massage can enhance function and provide greater body awareness and freedom from pain.

Do I have to disrobe? No, you can receive benefit without having to disrobe.

Can  a  massage  therapist  diagnose?  No.  Though  I  am  knowledgeable about  many  conditions  I  am not  an  MD  or  a  physical  therapist.  I  encourage  clients  with injuries  or  other  conditions  to  go  to  their  doctor  to  make  sure  massage  is  safe  for  them.


40 minutes

Woman on massage table getting shoulder massage.


60 minutes

Pregnant woman getting massage.


Massage 4 pack 360$

Man receiving massage therapy for hip and knee.

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