Massage and Body work with Peggy Burgess CMT/PAS Postural Therapist

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Peggy Burgess

Top registered massage therapists (rmts) in San Francisco 2015

Congratulations to Margaret Burgess’s Practice on being the on top Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in San Francisco ranking of 2015.
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About Peggy: Peggy has practiced massage and bodywork for more than 25 years and strives to meet the needs of each client. She especially enjoys helping people to understand how the things they do in everyday life (or don’t do! ) may be affecting their health. Through postural assessment, muscle testing, and your feedback she is able to help you to be more proactive and knowledgeable about your own health. Whether your focus is on relaxation or healing , she will focus on what works for you.

Peggy has had experience with many types of conditions relating to injury and postural strain.