Therapeutic Massage 90 Minutes

Releases tension and restrictions on a deep myofascial level. Sore spots and restrictions can show up in the muscles and related tissues that are not seen in X-ray or other standard tests. This pain and sensitivity is most often caused by injury, inflammation, wear and tear. These areas can be slowly stretched and released by gentle steady pressure. This type of work can address postural and injury issues effectively/ 135$ per 90 minutes/10% off first visit

Therapeutic Massage 60 Minutes

A massage more geared toward relaxation calls on a combination of style for stress relief. This is a custom session designed to address your needs. 90$ per hour/10% off first visit.

Postural Therapy

Egoscue method exercises that give the muscles the range and movement they need while facilitating joint alignment naturally and easily. 75 $ initial appointment 50$ each for follow up.