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Where do you stand?

A recent study encourages office workers to stand at least two hours a day and to try to extend that to four.  Gavin Bradley whose company Active Working co-commissioned  this study says you need to mix it up, neither sitting or standing for too long. Bradley recommends using Scandinavian style adjustable standing desks. Famous standing creators include Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill and Vladimir Nabokov and Philip Roth.

The health reasons sited for this recommendation are myriad, including higher incidence of type 2 diabetes , cardiovascular disease and increased cancer risk found in sedentary populations. Guardian writer Esther Addley did on the job research with humorously mixed results.

Addley’s article  illustrates well the need for good equipment for workers and the expenditures this will surely entail.

Here is the original article:

What are your thoughts about this, have you worked in a standing friendly office or used a standing desk at home?

Is standing better for your health?

Is standing better for your health?