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Fascia: The Wonderful Web


Fascia is a supportive network of tissue that covers and invests muscles.It also cradles the organs, vessels and nerves. Fascia absorbs impact, gives the body shape, facilitates easy movement and more. Some experts believe that injuries affect the fascia most, not bones or muscles.

Because fascia is so ubiquitous and intimately related to so many structures in the body it is often involved in pain syndromes. Often focal points of pain or trigger points are located at important junctions in the fascia and major nerve pathways pass through openings in the fascia.
The network of fascia connects you from head to toe and can be affected by seemingly localized injuries such as plantar fasciitis, low back injury, sprain, breaks and overuse (i.e. sitting too much). One explanation for this my be due to the fact that nerves located in the fascia are sensitive to pain.

Osteopath Leon Chaitow states that “Muscle and Fascia are anatomically inseparable ”. acting with muscle on joints, ligaments and tendons. Fascia is also involved in positional sense and therefore important to posture and ease of movement.

Even though fascia can be affected by injury and outside stresses , because of its fluid and elastic composition fascia responds to skillful touch, appropriate exercise and postural improvements.