My Story

I started to do Egoscue exercises to see if I could recommend them to my massage clients, not thinking too much about my own posture related pain issues. As I did them I found they were helping me a lot and I learned things I didn’t know before despite having a long background in dance and movement.

After two car accidents and a yoga injury and  I was messed up, the easiest way to explain this is that I was crooked and unstable and couldn’t do many of the things I had done for years; backbends Triangle pose, handstands, half moon pose to name a few. These positions require strength and stability and I didn’t have those things anymore. I had injured my lower back and I had developed painful compensating muscles in my hips and legs . It affected my joints my posture and movement. This was a wake up call for someone who had always taken these things for granted.

This loss of movement function happens over a period of time so you don’t realize it’s happening. and like most people I was neglecting to take any kind of decisive action because of being busy with other things and did not knowing how to proceed.

Thankfully I began doing exercises from Pete Egoscue’s book, Pain Free – A Revolutionary Method For Stopping Chronic Pain. I was so pleased with the immediate results that I decided to train in the Egoscue Method, training that I continue to this day.

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